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Some History

Started as a boat builder in 1960, a sole proprietorship, designing and fabricating sail boats, fishing boats, dingies, and tenders as well as street rodding US tin. 1964 in to VW's (Uber Alles). Spectre Sail and Boat with Bug Glass Works became BGW Spectre Limited, a Wisconsin Corporation in 1977. BGW has rolled through the ups and downs of business since. Sad to say that some 25 other companies have gone under, even more changed hands, leaving a lot of VW Kit owners and custom car owners without support and parts for their projects. BGW's habits and polices have formed our reputation. The benchmarks of our longevity are based on:

Black Coupe Conversion Kit

  • Good looking and well founded designs for VW's
  • Direct mail product marketing in modest fashion -- no hype or telecom
  • Full disclosure information policy
  • Reasonable and steady pricing with consistent cost controls
  • Even handed order handling
  • Great "per piece quality" due to totally "hand-crafted" process
  • Large pieces made rigid by using inner liners
  • Slow but sure manufacturing, no rush stuff
  • Safe but sure shipping including cost effective customer pick up
  • Ease of assembly and part fit.

We went far to keep BGW Spectre expanding. With pride BGW offers these stats:

  • 1500 Rod Conversions
  • 9700 Front Bonnets
  • 91% Customer Completion
  • 82% Rear ( HOPE ) engine 1.3l to 2.2l , some special Flat Fan, Turbo, Blow engines and mostly dog house stock.
  • 18% Front or Mid-engine 2.5l to 4l, 4 Cylinder, Straight 6, V6, V8 Gas, Diesel, and Electric.

Sales / Construction Associates:

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For more information:

  • Visit our Literature page for more information about our products.
  • Email Us:, or
  • Telephone and Telefax: (715) 545-2132 .
  • Or Contact us at:
      B.G.W. Spectre Ltd.
      3434 Arbour Court
      Phelps, WI 54554
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